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"As a student, Grand River Academy has helped me learn how to focus on my academics while also making me a better leader and person. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that Grand River has given me!"

- Matt '21

"Grand River Academy is a school with a great mission. The Academy helps students in need of extra support find success in and outside of the classroom. The faculty is willing to go above and beyond what is required of them to help students be successful. GRA truly is a transformational experience for the young men who attend."

- Dana P'21


"I love this school. GRA was like a second home for me, and I miss being there every day."

- Colin '20

"GRA was one of the best experiences of my life. The teachers are willing to do whatever it is to make you successful in the classroom. It is a great school and I recommend it to anyone looking for a boarding experience."

- KJ '21

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